Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Let the Dream Begin

"I have this motto for myself: “Dreams are free”; so I'm having as much as i can.

I started running as a wannabe. I want to be like those who feel achieved and triumphant whenever they finish their marathons. And TBR is one of those dreams. With TBR, I envision myself proudly crossing the finish line and feeling an immense sense of accomplishment. I feel that when i push myself, get that goal, and finish this race....it will be life-changing. So, I'd do everything not to miss it."

That is my answer when asked "Why do you want to be part of The Bull Runner Dream Marathon?" when I passed my application last 08 August 2014.

And when they posted the 900 selected applicants, I almost passed out when I saw my name on the list. So I made the first step to my first ever marathon. To prepare myself, I know I have to invest strength not only physically but mentally and spiritually. Running a marathon is not a joke and not as easy as it seem. 

I signed-up for TBR Dream Marathon because I want to excel, from one rookie to another. I want to be consistent and fight to get my goals according to the training TBR will provide. I know that my commitment to the trainings to be given is critical to prevent injury and to finish strong. In finishing my first ever marathon, I want to be fully prepared and TBR can help me fulfill that.

Finishing a marathon is the one thing in my life that I could be most proud of...doing something I wasn’t sure I could do, something that I had always wanted to do but had been too scared of. And I feel that this could be the best time to do it and do it well. I know that TBR is an invaluable aide to me as a marathon rookie. Their insights, hints and clear instructions will make it possible for me to realize that what had been a dream is achievable with my motivation, my work ethic and direction provided by TBR.

15 to20 years from now, I still want to see myself running marathons or even ultra marathons. I want to push myself beyond my limits. Because I DREAM BIG!

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