Wednesday, December 11, 2013

My 1st Half Mary

Sorry for the late post as your dance-goddess has been busy these past few days. I’m posting this new topic of mine about my 1st ever half marathon run.

Joining a marathon was never a part of my dream list. Running never caught my interest either until I joined Ayala Triads – a group of runners with various classifications and levels. I admit that joining this group has motivated me a lot to run 5K, 10K and marathons. Because it just feels so good when you are able to finish a run with a descent time and injured-free plus a bunch of running buddies motivating and giving you all the positive vibes you need during race days.

After my 10K with Rexona Run last September this year, I had a month training to prepare for my first ever half marathon. So I’m half way there, I know! With my running buddies pushing me to sign up with Sante Barley Domination Run at 21K category, I told myself I gotta level-up, so I accepted the challenge – the challenge to run a half marathon. I trained hard, and PUSH myself more not to get the shortest time I could run for 21K distance but to finish the race strong and injured-free. I finished the race for 3:11. I’m no fast runner but, hey it was my first time, not a bad record. But trust me, it was no joke running a 21K distance race. After the race I felt pain all over my body. But what was good about it was I was able to challenge myself and finished it. Need more trainings though but there’s no rush. There are more plenty of race events coming. And maybe, just maybe, someday I might be running a full marathon soon. GO for 42K next year!

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