Friday, September 20, 2013

iOS 7 Updated

A hundred days and several hundred bug fixes, the IOS 7 of Apple is finally here.  Apple claims that there are 200 (say what?) new features in this update, well, lets find it out. There are even hidden features that an Apple fan really needs to learn. With the original iPhone software nearly six years old, Apple has taken a bold step that hints at larger screens through the use of bright colors, swipe gestures and animation. But the are still so many things that haven't in iOS 7. In particular, you still can't change default apps. But so much have, its a very different (excellent) experience.
I haven't really explored the new features that iOS 7 brought, but I am excited to see what's in store with this new operating system.

But there are still Apple haters (here and there), saying they copied several features seen in Android. You can't blame them. They are haters, and they will not stop looking for Apple's flaws. Well if you're looking for copy cats,

But still for me, Apple is Apple. Given its sleek & colorful trait, its a fashionista (like me) thing! ;)

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