Saturday, August 6, 2011

Late Night Date

There's nothing more happier than being with my Frank Bragais. Thursday night after work, while I'm inside the fx on my way home I suddenly want to watch Captain America. So I texted my boyfriend, and asked him to go the movies on Friday night. I told him to check on the internet on where we could go and watch to. And his a bit busy at that time doing chores and forgot to check on the net and slept instead. Too bad, I got pissed for awhile. Friday morning I reminded him about that Captain America thing. First we thought Eastwood could be our best pick, and we planned of trying the 3D version. We picked the 9:00 PM showtime. At 6:00 PM I dismissed myself from work to catch uup with our 9:00 date and, well not to say to avoid the traffic. While struggling myself on the traffic, frank kept on texting me where I am. When it's about 8:00, the rain started to pour, and became harder as I reached home. At 8:30 I was home and sent SMS to Frank again. Unfortunately, Frank find it hard to pick a cab whew...that's it, we're not going to make the 9:00 show. 15 minutes before 9PM, we decided to watch the movie at Robinson's Galerria which will show Capt. America at 9:30 PM. We met at the mall and finally got our seats. It was a good movie and a great first time experience on 3D, so cool! The movies finishes at 11:30 PM. And at that time, I haven't eaten my dinner. So we walked along the Ortigas Road until we reached McDonalds. We had our short dinner and afterward we headed home...for good! It was a great late night date together with the man that I love. That night, I've never wished for something but to stay that way forever!

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