Saturday, November 27, 2010

Could it be True!?

Last night I had coffee and long talks at Starbucks (near office) with my girlfriends--Stan, Charis with Dennis. We had long talks, gossips, laughs and reminisces. And I just can't believe what they have told me about Frank. They said that someone he knows told an old friend that Frank himself already has a child. What!!!??? I mean, seriously? This was an awful and very shocking gossip. Until now it made me think. What if its all true? What am I going to do? How will i tell him now what I heard? OMG! I wish this is not happening! I pray this can't be true. It sucks but I feel nervous, anxious...I really don't know! Is it right to believe right away? What scares me now is that what is its TRUE? :(. I emailed him this morning at 1AM as soon as I get home because I can't help it, and honestly, I am so worried! But I didn't ask him or told him about it right away. Because I don't know how to ask him. I might offend him something like that. So what I did is that I made up a story to catch him. I told him that I saw him in my dreams and that in my dreams he had a child. I even told him that the mother of that child was also there. For now, I'm waiting how would he react on that... Then today he texted, and said they're already in Iran and that he miss me. God, I miss him so much. But it also breaks my heart if i think of that issue. But It was not confirmed. he might not have read my mail yet because there was no reaction about it. For now, I'm waiting for the truth to reveal. But I am not sure what am I going to feel if i learn that it was true...I'm hoping it was just a gossip and not true. I hope we get to talk about it. Hope he'll respond.

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