Wednesday, November 5, 2014

My Childhood Dream Just Came True

“…What a freakin’ fun night” As Eric Martin posted on his Facebook page a day after their BIG show in the Mall of Asia Arena last October 31, 2014. Truly the best Halloween treat for me, and to all Mr. Big fans. A great night to remember It was an EPIC performance once again from a legendary band, Mr. Big. I couldn’t help posting my feelings and sharing photos on my Facebook and Twitter accounts before, during and after the show. And I might say I can’t still believe I saw them raw. It was a life-changing experience for me. I always dreamt of seeing them play live and now it happened.

They had over 20 songs on their setlist. Everybody was enjoying and having fun singing along with the band to their popular hits such as Green Tinted Sixties Mind, Undertow, Wild World, To Be With You to name a few. The crowd gone wild during their opening song Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy which is also known as the “Electric drill song”. They also played not so familiar songs from their newly released album ...The Stories We Could Tell. Frontman Eric still has that scream and it was just awesome and he wowed everybody. His whistle register skill is one of his signatures and he’s known to perform such during live shows. He does that perfectly when he was younger because of that very high pitch scream. But man, he still can perfect it! Damn, he seem never grows old. He still got that voice. Eric Martin soars! And he's probably one of the best frontman in rock bands.

When they played Just Take My Heart, their Filipino fans sang along with them and it was like the most romantic song that ever played. Paul Gilbert and Billy Sheehan’s duel left rock & roll fans cursing. These virtuosos are like gods to them.   And of course Pat Torpey was there despite announcing he is struggling for Parkinson's. He never failed his fans and still played drums. My heart stopped for a moment when I saw him on stage with the band. Matt Starr who took over most of Pat’s drumming acts was there with the band.

Their last song was Mr. Big, a cover of Free. Everybody seem enjoyed the over 2-hour show. This is probably the third time here in Manila, and it was nothing but historic.

It was indeed a dream came true to me. I will always cherish this moment until I grow old. But I still wish they’d come back when they can make another album soon. They’re truly the best. And as they grow old, their music becomes more powerful. Mr. Big’s still on top! They’re one of the few bands that still rocks.They truly are my childhood music heroes forever!

The night in October 31 was a blast for all rock and roll fans to see Mr. Big once again. I feel lucky I was one who gets to see these guys, witnessing how monstrous they are with their skills and instruments. Guess we'll have to wait for another 10 years to see them live again.

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