Friday, October 24, 2014

Countdown to Mr. Big Concert

I grew up listening to their songs. I was only nine when I first heard their song “To Be With You” on a local radio station, unaware that it became a BIG hit all over fifteen countries (including my home country). At my age that time, I got amazed by the voice of their frontman, Eric Martin. That husky voice he possessed truly melts every listener’s heart, and not to mention every woman’s heart, ha! At first I never recognized they were a hard rock, glam metal band. Not until I reached my adolescence stage, yeah right! After that cute voice at the back of that ballad hit, the next song I’ve heard from them is Wild World, a cover from Cat Stevens. Saw their music video at MTC and Channel V (yeah, it was still existing at that time) and again to no surprise got hooked (again). I was only eleven and at my fifth grade yet. From that time on, I fantasized Eric Martin all the more (haha). Admittedly, I dreamed of becoming his wife (ssshhh). Of course, it wasn’t possible, he was already in his early 30’s at that time and I haven’t even reached high school (drool). But yeah, Eric’s my first ever (childhood) crush just before Nick Carter (Backstreet Boys) came out.

Since I was only in grade school during their soaring career, during that time I only have MTV connecting to my idols. Thanks to YouTube and technology level-up these days because we can easily access anything from the internet now. When I went to high school until college, I became busy with my student life and became an inactive fan of Mr. Big. The last song I remembered after Nothing But Love was their Going Where the Wind Blows from their Hey Man album. Boy, I didn’t even know about that album (shame).

To fast forward my story-telling, I never get in-touched with anything about my favorite band until August of this year. Yes, I know it’s a shame I never followed their stories after that. Not until I open the web and saw and ad that Mr. Big is coming (back?) to Manila. I was like “holy cow, they are still alive!” from that time on I started backtracking their songs, music videos, searching for articles about them. And little did I know Paul Gilbert quit the band and got ex-Poison’s Ritchie Kotzen to replace him, fired Billy Sheehan and called him back to join them again and… “WTH?” they disbanded last 2002?

So to cut this story short again, I looked for some interviews and read and just as glad like the other Mr. Big fans that they (original line-up with Eric Martin, Paul Gilbert, Billy Sheehan and Pat Torpey) have reunited. And they are releasing their 8th studio album called …The Stories We Could Tell supporting it with a world tour. And yes, am I just glad to know that the Philippines is on their tour list. Whoa! This is it, I will not going to miss this once in a lifetime experience with my all time favorite band. Though they’ve grown old (hay, Eric), still their music magic is still there. They still rock and can kick ass!

From this day, it’s only 7 days before the BIG event. I’ll have to save my voice so I could cheer and sing with them – I’m sure all the fans will do (wink wink). Since their tour started I keep tracking their shows from their facebook page and Eric Martin’s page and twitter. Yes, I am that excited. And I can see posted photos of fans that really are having a great time with the BIG band. I'm sure I’m going to have a great time – the whole Philippines will because we do LOVE MR. BIG!
Ticket to Mr. Big Concert

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