Thursday, June 13, 2013

Can't Get Over Man of Steel

Spending and taking advantage of the none working holiday declared in our country – 105th Philippine Independence Day, my sister and I decided to go and watch the advance screening of the much awaited movie, Man of Steel. Watching it took my breath away. Having Henry Cavill casting as Superman? Who could ever resist that? He is absolutely breathtaking! And the fight scenes? Whoa! It's remarkably incredible. I even sympathize Superman when he got beaten by General Zod and that giant monster with large tentacles.

Personally, I say that this is the best Superman movie ever created. With such superb visual effects (thanks to our high end, computerized post editing), twisted and revived story of Clark Kent, plus a super hot, super cute Henry Cavill as Kal-El/Clark Kent, that’s a real Superman! He’s more than a superhero with supernatural powers.

I honestly didn’t expect he’d be good in portraying Superman after being Theseus in 2011 fictional movie The Immortals, as a demure debonair in The Tudor series, it’s a way far step-up for him.
It’s a two-thumb’s up! And yes, I still can’t get over it (haha)! This movie is worth watching and it’s up the hook! Now, I’m becoming a huge fan not only of Superman but Henry Cavill himself (kilig much!). Looking forward to a sequel of this movie and Cavill still as the Man of Steel! 

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