Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Skater Girl

Ok, since the country is celebrating the Labor Day today in honor of Filipino laborers, workers, employees, and I can't go out since it's almost 38 degrees outside (that hot!) I decided to just stay home and blog this outfit that I wore not so few days ago to the office. I guess everyone knows skater skirt are very popular for every fashionistas out there, and since I'm a die hard skirt lover (admitted, haha) it is injustice for me not to have one. LOL. Apparently, a regular (should I use that term?) skater skirt is sixteen inches length. For a long-legged girl like me, it's a great way to flaunt those legs but since I'm wearing this at work and it's a big NO NO in our company to wear mini skirts or skirts that are way too high from the knee, I requested for an additional 3 inches length so I would be allowed to wear this in our office, yay! Good thing I found an online shop and offers a made to order (MTO) skater skirts. I'm feelin' lucky! (grinning). I also chose the right color, maroon so it's a little bit smart casual, paired with a nice decent chiffon, sleeveless with collar top plus a black shoes. Whoala! A "skater girl" slash "office girl". This could also be worn with black stockings to add accent to your outfit, I just don't feel lke wearing stockings at these times coz it's too humid.

A closer look for the skirt

 Oh! Credits to my sister Charlene for taking these photos and for supporting me on my silliness. Please visit also my Lookbook account for a hype! ^_^

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