Sunday, May 12, 2013

I'm Never Changing Who I am

Yellow collared shirt paired with psychedelic shorts

I tried to braid my hair to get a neat look

Yellow, red and blue

Yellow ballet flats
Please don't ask me why I used this title on this blog. It's just that I'm having a "last song syndrome" (LSS) with Image Dragon's single entitled "It's Time" (remember Chris Tiu's Smart Communications ads?). And don't ask me why I didn't used the song's title for my blog title haha. There's no connection, I know. Let's jut say I can't think of anything else. (ooppss, brain's not working?).

Anyway, let's just skip about my title, let me just share to you my outfit that I wore during the SM Megamall sale held last May 3-5, 2013. So, here we go. Just a brief one.

This out fit is just great for mall shopping. I am more comfortable wearing shorts and ballet flats for a long day walk or shopping, also for coffee or tea time with girl friends.

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