Saturday, April 20, 2013

Bohemian Style

The dress, the shoes, the long and large necklaces, the stack of bracelets, the head dress, the messy hair, the make-up,, the feather earrings, the scarves,  it's all Bohemian Style. A style that somehow catches my eye these days and its trending in the fashion world. What I love in this style is how expressive and stylish this look could be. Now the bohemian style doesn't just mean flowy, long peasant skirt and flip-flops plus a messenger bag. An important aspect of bohemian style is individuality; this means embracing your own personality and expressing it through your fashion choices.  Bohemian style may be described as a trend with certain looks to follow, but it's really all about following your own inspirations. Just mix it up and accessorize your way out, that's how to achieve the boho chic look.

A very good example Holywood chic who does the bohomeian style is former High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens. She's a perfect example of the modern boho chic.

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  1. Great post about our favourite style! Bohemian is such versatile look.