Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Summer is Here

Because it's already summer, guess I have to start looking for a pair of bikinis in shops or from my closet. Summer is the best season to show off your cute and colorful bikinis, bright-colored flowy dresses and of course a time to bring out those sunblock to protect your skin from the heat of the sun.

Group photo with my friends at the beautiful Camiguin Island

Bikini babes posing with the very calm water as our background

Posing with our colorful bikinis ;)

Our footprints in the clear-white beach sand

Sexy backs

By the pool

Since summer is my favorite time of the year - aside of course from Christmas holidays, what I love in summer is that I get to see and go to the beach and have some dipping, white sand, wear my favorite pair of bikinis, having fun under the sun and get to have a sun-kissed skin which I find it so hot. Oh, who ever forget summer is the best time to get tan-lines! ;)

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