Sunday, November 20, 2011


Getting hurt by someone we love the most is the most painful thing to ever bear. Sometimes crying is not enough to ease the pain. Talking with friends and family sometimes doesn't stop the hurt. When we're in the battle, the only goal we have is to win the fight. Even if its clear that there's no sense of fighting anymore. Just because we love the person so much, more than ourselves, we we intend not to accept defeat.

But what if the person you're fighting for doesn't want to fight with you anymore? Or worst, doesn't want you to fight for him anymore? Would you still remain in the battlefield? Most of us would say, "Yes, I will keep on fighting!". But we are not aware that from the very start, we already loss the fight.

When were on a battle, sometimes it is far more better to surrender rather than to wrestle knowing that from the start we've already loss the fight. When we know love matters more than anything, and we know that nothing else REALLY matters, we move into the state of surrender. Surrender does not diminish our power, it only enhances it.

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